A Higher Scale: Department of Music transitions into O'Neill Hall

Author: Brendan O'Shaughnessy

Aileen Markovitz steps on the stage a week before her junior recital, wearing a black dress with a sparkling rhinestone neckline. Her accompanist seated at the brand-new 9-foot Steinway grand piano launches into a Schubert love song, and Markovitz belts out “I greet you! I kiss you!” in soaring German.

Out of sight, sound engineer Daniel Stein opens or closes a set of acoustical banners behind special diffusers around the new LaBar Recital Hall to adjust the space to the needs of her voice, taking into account details like the size of the audience absorbing the sound waves.

Markovitz is taking part in a new tradition called Fridays at Noon, where music students take turns showing off what they are learning in their new home in O’Neill Hall, which opened in January.

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