O’Neill Hall

Mc 8

The relocation of the Department of Music and Sacred Music at Notre Dame will provide much needed new space for these growing programs. It also will put music into close proximity to other performing arts departments and programs. Specifically, the building features two 2,200-square-foot halls for rehearsals (the Michuda Family Rehearsal Hall) and concert performances (the LaBar Family Recital Hall and LaBar Family Performance Hall), a music library, a music lab for studio production, a lecture hall, classrooms and seminar rooms, rehearsal rooms, numerous practice rooms of varying sizes, four organ practice rooms and faculty offices.

Levels 1 and 2: A 170-seat recital hall as well as rehearsal hall and the Frank Leahy Gate grand entrance to the stadium.

Level 3: A large music library, to be relocated from the Hesburgh Library, classrooms, and rehearsal and tutoring rooms.

Level 4: A club/lounge for football games.

Level 5: Department of Music offices, practice rooms, and storage.

Level 6: The Sacred Music at Notre Dame program, offices, organ practice rooms, and storage.

Level 7: Mechanical, with a scoreboard on the exterior. The video board is expected to be 96 feet by 54 feet. Just as at Purcell Pavilion and the Compton Family Ice Arena, there will be no advertising or commercials associated with use of the video board.

Move-In Timeline
Both music programs plan to move between Dec. 19 and Jan. 5.